I am a mother to a two-year-old toddler. Life has truly changed in a lot of ways since the day my child was born. Carrying her inside my womb for a little more than nine months has truly encrypt a special bond between us. As what most mothers would say, she is the only person who has heard how my heart beats from the inside. The moment i heard her cry, I instantly knew that my life was about to change for good.

My Priorities are the very first thing that was altered since I became a mom. Cliché as it may sound, I instantly felt that I need to put her needs above anything else. Before I think of myself, I think of her welfare first. Before I put food in my mouth, I’d rather feed her first and do a lot more things. I am very much willing to sacrifice anything just to provide her with a comfortable life. One of the best things that I want to give her aside from a good environment is the best possible education that she can have. I want her to study in a private and prestigious educational
Institution that will fully equipped her with the things she needs to know and can apply in her future career. In order to prepare for her bright future ahead, I have to start saving for it already.

My husband is the person who earns income for our own family. I can say that he is really a good provider that most often than not, he gives us more than what we need. He covers up for all our expenses and gives us extra to buy for the other things the we might still want or need. In order to help him I try to budget whatever he gives us. I list down all our expenses and try to eliminate those we can live without. Also, I try to tale advantage of the use of coupons to get discounts and freebies. For instance, we have two dogs, a German shepherd and a saint Bernard. Since this two consume a lot of food, I collect purina dog food coupons to help lower down the price. I try to look for other coupons in magazines, flyers, newspapers and other publications as well as the ones posted online so that I can get items for free or for a much lower price.

I set aside a certain amount from our usual allowances and deposit it in our bank accounts. This will be used for my daughters future endeavors like her tuition fee and also her other needs. I have to start early so that whatever happens in the coming years, at least I have already secured her future. Any mother or parent for that matter who has provided well for his or her child, has given them the best education and life can finally say that they are very successful already.