Animal shelters may categorize a cat as a Russian blue to ensure that it is adopted quickly. It is perfectly understandable that they want to give the cats their new homes immediately so that there will be space for new cats that have been abandoned by their owners. In order not to conned by false claims, it is important to know how to adopt a Russian blue kitten including its physical characteristics that makes it distinct from other breeds.

How to tell if the cat is a Russian blue
Every cat certainly has a breed but Russian blue cats are not a common breed. You won’t see these cats loitering around. If you get lucky and find a Russian blue cat in the animal rescue center or animal shelter, it might be have been left by its previous owner due to some personal reasons. Not every cat that is blue gray in color is a Russian blue. The Russian blue appears bigger than it actually is due to its double coat which is one of its distinguishing features. The coat is bright blue that shimmers in reflective light due to its silver tips. Adding to its appealing qualities is the vivid green of its eyes that are round and slightly slanted at the upper corners. It is also amusing to look at the “smile” of the Russian blue that is frequently compared to that of an angel.

Will you adopt a kitten or a cat?
Many people prefer to adopt kittens because they want a clean slate. They want to do the training of the kitten and watch it grow into a cat. However, a kitten is not that easy to care for unlike a cat. Young kittens require supervision because they are inquisitive and curious about everything they see in the surroundings. It is important to kitten-proof your computers cords, window screens, ductwork and electrical cords to ensure its safety. You should also make sure not to have any breakables on top of kitchen cabinets that the kitten will likely climb. It is very rare for a kitten to sleep at the foot of the bed because it is too energetic and active. If you adopt a Russian blue cat, you can be very sure of its temperament and will less likely to get into trouble. Russian blue cats are well behaved and reserved. It is the type that will quietly sit on your lap while you are brushing its coat. An adult in the family will be happier if you will adopt a fully grown Russian blue because it can be a perfect companion.

The best part of adopting a cat instead of a kitten from the animal shelter is you are literally saving two lives; the life of the cat you adopted and the life of the cat who will take its place in the shelter. Overpopulation of cats is a serious problem in communities but animal shelters only have enough space and cages to give these cats a home. If they can’t find a home for the cat, it is likely to be euthanized.