It is fun to have a dog as pet, especially, if the dog has some unusual intelligence and talents and can perform some tricks. Dogs can easily create a happy mood inside a home by means of a simple trick. Likewise, dogs are readily capable of learning simple tasks and tricks like obeying a command to sit down, lie down, and roll over. However, training a dog can add up to an owner’s already hectic schedules and preoccupations. Moreover, training dogs can never be so foolproof; hence, there can be instances or circumstances wherein the trained dogs may misbehave anywhere and at the most inconvenient time.

Unlike having a pet fowl or a pet bird that only needs minimal care, pet dogs require more time from their owners and masters. Dogs, like kids, need much caring and attention. Moreover, dogs require cleaning, grooming, exercising, playing, and training from their masters. In some instances, your dog can easily ruin your relaxation, your free time, or even your scheduled house chores, and this is indeed a fact. Likewise, arguably, there is no more disgusting, thankless, and humiliating job than picking up your dog’s poop in public places. Likewise, the sight of a poop on your carpet or bed linens is equally frustrating and infuriating. These inconveniences are indeed the noble prices of desiring to have dogs as pets. Nevertheless, pet dogs are indeed capable of repaying their owners with love and affection and hence, they would always give you so much consolation.

Despite dogs’ misbehaviors, more and more people would readily prefer canines as their pets. Most people would actually opt for a pet dog than its feline counterpart for some obvious reasons. One reason is that dogs, even toy dogs, possess a larger brain than that of cats, and thus, dogs have better intelligence than cats. Likewise, with proper training dogs are capable of performing certain tasks. Dogs, if trained, can become guide dogs, sniffer dogs, hunting dogs, and guard dogs. Moreover, dog’s loyalty to its master is quite profound that the canine family gained the great tag as “man’s best friend”.

Pet Care and Related Products
Due to the ever-growing popularity of dogs as pets, several businesses have turned their attention to the development of pet care products such as dog foods, anti-tick soaps and shampoos, and many other cleaning and grooming products. Other manufacturers turned their attention to dog care accessories such as the poop scooper and plastic poop bags to help dog owners in the unpleasant task of cleaning dog excrements. However, the prevailing worldwide public sentiment against non-degradable plastic products as another form of pollutants has forced many producers to find and develop other materials to come up with eco-friendly, biodegradable materials that can be used as alternative to the previously-used non-biodegradable plastic products. These biodegradable materials are largely used in the production of the best poop bags in the market today. These new materials are very durable yet degradable. It’s a good thing, nowadays, that there are an increasing number of consumers who are patronizing products with labels like “eco-friendly, natural, green,” and bio-degradable.” Lastly, poop bags nowadays are floral-scented and opaque-colored to eliminate the unpleasant odor and prevent other people from seeing the disgusting sight of a dog poop inside the poop bag.