Are you planning tobuy russian blue kittens?  If yes you need to know where you can get the best quality Russian blue breed.  This breed is unique and boasts of several features that make it the best pet to keep. Identifying the breed is not difficult it has unmistakable features that include emerald green eyes.  Home raised Russian blue kittens have a lot f love and affection.   They have silver tipped hair with a silvery sheen and a pale blue dense double coat.  The cat has a beautiful blue smile all over its face.

One of the blue kittens you should consider buying is the breed that was bred for the first time in 1907. This breed is dark blue gray in color; it is light and has a lavender tone.  The kittens will always have a ring on the tail which will somehow fade as the cat matures.  Although the eyes may take various shades of green, they range from jade hues to light apple green.  The kittens are calm, affectionate, quiet and clean.

When they mature, the kittens grow into a cat with aristocratic looks and a silver-blue coat.  Even though the kittens will demonstrate some brilliance as they grow up, a mature Russian blue cat is very intelligent and affectionate.  It shows a lot of love to the owner but it will always be reserved to strangers. The cat is playful and is fastidious about hygiene and requires constant care.

Although the cat is a household name in England, it is thought to have found its way to England through sailors in the 1860s.  It made its debut at crystal palace in 1875.It was bred and developed in Scandinavia but it is in America where it underwent monitored breeding.  In fact it is rumored that the modern Russian blue is a combination of the English Russian blue and the Scandinavian Russian blue.  One of the main traits that are still present in all the breeds is its distinctive coat.

According to research, if you want to buy russian blue kittens, you may need to choose kittens whose parents are either Russian Blues or Scandinavian Russian blues.

When they mature, the Russian blue kittens will exhibit the following characteristics

They are short and blue gray in color   they have a double coat with a soft undercoat. The hair is blue with silver tips that shimmer in the light.  The cat has a muted tail and may have stripes. The eyes are dark and vivid green.  The cat is naturally beautiful.

The cats are compassionate with human beings; they are playful and are always full of life. They will always play with toys and chase the sunbeam.  They can play and entertain themselves for hours. They are unobtrusive and will always be there to give you company.

The cats love playing with children and are sensitive to human emotions. They can be brushed and will shed very little fur. This breed is not prone to any particular risk.